The dormakaba share

The dormakaba share has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since November 1995. Find all general information on the dormakaba share, our share price and our dividend policy here.

General information on the dormakaba share

The dormakaba share has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since November 1995.

Valor number 1179595
ISIN CH0011795959
Symbol DOKA
Traded on SIX Swiss Exchange
Listed since November 1995
Currency CHF
Issued shares 4,200,026
Nominal value
CHF 0.10
Share capital
CHF 420,002.60
Voting rights per title
SPI sector classification
2737 - Electronic equipment
Selected indices
Accounting standard
End of fiscal year 30 June
Headquarters Hofwisenstrasse 24, 8153 Rümlang, Switzerland


Analyst consensus

Consensus will be updated in the next weeks.

Financial Analysts

The following list contains banks and investment firms that regularly provide comments, ratings and recommendations on the dormakaba share. 

Institution Analyst Contact
Jefferies Rizk Maidi
Kepler Cheuvreux Martin Flueckiger
Oddo BHF Delphine Brault
Research Partners AG Patrick Appenzeller
Stifel Tobias Fahrenholz
UBS Patrick Rafaisz
Vontobel Alexander Koller
Zürcher Kantonalbank Martin Hüsler



dormakaba Group envisages a dividend policy whereby the minimum payout ratio should be 50% of the consolidated net profit after minority interests.


At the AGM of 5 October 2023, it was approved that a dividend of CHF 9.50 without contribution to other reserves, to be equally paid out from the reserves from capital contributions and statutory retained earnings: 

  • CHF 4.75 (2021/22: CHF 5.75) from capital contributions without deduction of Swiss withholding tax; and
  • CHF 4.75 (2021/22: CHF 5.75) from statutory retained earnings subject to Swiss withholding tax

Shares of dormakaba Holding AG purchased until 6 October 2023 were entitled to distribution. As of 9 October 2023, the shares are traded ex-dividend. The payment of the distribution is settled as of 11 October 2023.

Ex-date: 9 October 2023
Value-date: 11 October 2023


The following table sets forth the shareholding structure of dormakaba Holding AG and provides the names of those shareholders that have disclosed voting rights of 3% or more to dormakaba Holding AG.

This table has been publicated on 30 June 2023.

Shareholders No. of shares at CHF 0.10 par value in %
Pool shareholders 1)  1,170,496 27.9
Group’s treasury shares 13,577 0.3
Public shareholders    
SEO Management AG 126,059 3.0
Other public shareholders 2,870,417 68.3
Total public shareholders 2,996,476 71.3
BoD and EC members 2)    
BoD members 228,434 5.4
EC members  11,938 0.3
Total BoD and EC members
240,372 5.7
Less double-counting in respect of Pool Shareholders 3)
–220,895 –5.2
Total shares
4,200,026 100.0

1) The following persons are party to the pool agreement: Familie Mankel Industriebeteiligungs GmbH + Co. KGaA / Ennepetal, Mankel Family Office GmbH / Ennepetal, KRM Beteiligungs GmbH / Ennepetal, Christine Mankel / Ennepetal, CM Beteiligungs-GmbH / Ennepetal, CM-Familienstifung / Düsseldorf, Laetitia Brecht-Bergen / Düsseldorf, Leander Brecht-Bergen / Düsseldorf, Stephanie Brecht-Bergen / Düsseldorf, SBB Beteiligungs-GmbH / Ennepetal, as well as Martina Bössow / Meilen, Balz Dubs / Zurich, Karina Dubs / Zurich, Kevin Dubs / Zurich, Kim Dubs / Zurich, Linus Dubs / Zurich, Amy Flückiger / Herrliberg, Anja Flückiger / Herrliberg, Beat Flückiger / Herrliberg, Flo Flückiger / Herrliberg, heirs of Karin Forrer / Muri, Clive Kuenzle / Zurich, Michael Kuenzle / Meilen, Alexandra Sallai / Worb, Christoph Sallai / Bern, Andrea Ullmann / Zollikon, Sascha Ullmann / Zollikon, Adrian Weibel / Meilen and Tonia Weibel / Meilen.

2) Including related parties.

3) Shareholdings of Pool Shareholders who are also BoD members are included under Pool Shareholders and BoD members

Investor contact

For investor relations inquiries, please contact:

Swetlana Iodko Schoordijk

Head of Investor Relations

Hendrik Feldmann

Deputy Head of Investor Relations