Our approach to shaping a sustainable future

Our commitment

We are committed to fostering a sustainable development along our entire value chain in line with our economic, environmental and social responsibilities toward current and future generations.

We seek an open, transparent dialogue with all stakeholders to define strategies and actions based on clear targets and continuous improvement, and we actively report on our progress. 

Our Sustainability Strategy

We define sustainability as one of the key success factors to being recognized as the trusted industry leader. That is why sustainability is one of the two foundations of our business strategy. 

We are committed to building our sustainability strategy in line with our most material issues. This means we set strategic objectives for the sustainability topics of highest relevance for stakeholders and for those where we have the highest impact on sustainable development. As a result of a comprehensive materiality assessment, we have identified 17 topics and aligned them to four focus areas: Transparency, Process & Production, Products, People. 

 Our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The bigger picture

Our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

By focusing our efforts on our four focus areas, we can make the most impact on sustainable development and also contribute to 8 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Creating impact

Our focus areas


We are committed to being a socially responsible corporate citizen and to upholding the principles of international conventions, laws and internal rules and regulations. We also expect our suppliers and business partners to adhere to similar standards and rules.

Process & production

We seek to reduce the environmental impact of production and adhere to environmental laws and regulations. We strive to ensure a healthy and safe workplace and to safeguard our customers’ rights to privacy and security.


We offer fair working conditions in which our employees can leverage their strengths and build their skills. We foster an engaged workforce where we have the right people in the right roles.


We are dedicated to producing high-quality, reliable products and solutions, as well as supporting the health and safety of end users through good practice in product development. We aim to reduce our customers’ environmental burdens by designing material- and energy-efficient products.


dormakaba’s brand promise is trust. We therefore create transparency about our sustainability performance. We publish a Sustainability Report annually, outlining the company’s sustainability commitments, strategic approach and progress. The annual report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (Core).

UN Global Compact

UN Global Compact

We are a member of the United Nations Global Compact and publish our annual “Communication on Progress” on the United Nations Global Compact website.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

We report to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) annually to demonstrate our commitment to pro-active energy management and reduction of carbon emissions. In 2019, we achieved a B score for our report.

Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

At dormakaba we are committed to upholding the principles of and adherence to international conventions, laws and our internal rules and regulations that intend to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from all areas of life as stated in our Modern Slavery Statement.

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UN Global Compact – Communication on Progress (COP) 2019/20


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