Our whistleblowing system

Our principle

To become the trusted partner worldwide for safe, secure and sustainable places where people can move seamlessly – this is the ambition of dormakaba, which guides us in everything we do.

Helping us to achieve this goal are our six corporate behaviors including "We are respectful and communicate openly". We treat each other in a fair and honest way and invite the sharing of experiences and opinions. We enable an atmosphere of trust and appreciation by communicating openly and focusing on finding solutions. We value and respect one another and show empathy and understanding for others’ situations and opinions. Further on behaviors here.

These corporate behaviors are aligned to and underpinned by a consistently legal and ethical approach in all matters, are of essential importance for our sustainable corporate success. That is why we are asked to adhere to them regardless of where we do business in the world.

Our reporting channels


In order to preserve the integrity of dormakaba and to avert possible damages, it is important that potential compliance violations are reported. As outlined in dormakaba's Code of Conduct all our employees are encouraged to contact their Manager, HR or Group Compliance with any issues. Also, we ask our customers, suppliers and other business partners to approach their contact person at dormakaba in case of any concern. 

However, there may be cases where employees or external parties might not want to report possible compliance violations openly. That is why dormakaba has implemented a publicly accessible, external whistleblowing tool which makes it possible to submit a report securely and anonymously. The system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.