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We are at the heart of every place that matters: as a leading global provider in the access solutions market, we enable people to move seamlessly in safe, secure and sustainable places. Do you want your work to matter? Then join our international team!

At dormakaba, more than 16,000 people from all over the world work together and grow together.  If you are looking for exciting career prospects, if you want to fuel innovation and like tackling new challenges, then we would love to hear from you!

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Because your career matters to you, it matters to us. We offer you attractive benefits – including a supportive working environment, a great team, a company culture that lets you thrive, international prospects, and competitive compensation. Access your career at dormakaba today.

Opportunities for growth & success

Opportunities for growth & success

We want to grow – and we want you to grow with us. That is why we hire smart, capable people, knowing they will do their best. Together, we create a supportive environment in which we help each other succeed.

Compelling work & great prospects

Compelling work & great prospects

We constantly strive to be the best in our industry, so there is no shortage of intriguing and innovative projects to be done. Working for us, you will be able to leverage your current strengths and skills to the fullest while being encouraged to foster and expand them along the way.

One global team & many talents

One global team & many talents

We believe in the success of diverse teams and in providing equal opportunities for everybody. That is why we work hard to bring together talent from all walks of life and every corner of the world. Our diversity is one of our biggest strengths. Through our commitment to further develop diversity, equity and inclusion, we are creating an open environment that allows all our employees to thrive.

Benefits & a modern working environment

Benefits & a modern working environment

We offer a wide range of attractive benefits that vary from country to country. And as a modern global company, we continuously rethink the way we work in order to adapt to the requirements of the working world today and tomorrow. Wherever possible, we make working life easier and more flexible.

Support & empowerment

Support & empowerment

We value every employee's unique strengths and promote people individually from day one. Being a part of our team means being yourself - and even becoming a better version of yourself through lifelong learning and new experiences. There are so many opportunities to grow with us!

Sustainability & fair employment

Sustainability & fair employment

Sustainability is at the core of our vision. We take action to lower our emissions and to promote a circular economy, and we want to form sustainable relationships with people and partners. We offer careers instead of jobs: by treating employees fairly and with respect and providing them with equal opportunities, comprehensive training and fair compensation.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at dormakaba

Shaping a place for every person to thrive

Our Behaviors

A place where you matter

In our daily work, we strive for excellence and share a passion for innovation. By working as one global team, we continue to grow the business, grow together, and grow ourselves. Our Behaviors guide the way: they define and drive us and are at the heart of everything we do.

We make things simple for our customers

We want to provide our customers with the best possible experience by delivering to their needs and making them our priority. We use our expertise to find pragmatic solutions tailored to their individual requirements. Their satisfaction is our benchmark: We always give our best, consistently deliver on our promises, and settle issues through collaboration and commitment.

We are courageous and play to win

We want to be the best in our industry. That is why we strive for excellence and continuously improve the way we work. To achieve our goals, we are curious to experiment with new ideas and processes. Our willingness to take initiative means we do not wait for things to happen but deliver customer-centric solutions that help us grow our business.

We act as ONE global team

We can only deliver our best performance when we act as a team, supporting each other. Our expertise, our strengths, and our diversity contribute to our success. By working together across departments and borders, we grow stronger and more powerful every day and win as a team.

We are respectful and communicate openly

We treat each other in a fair and honest way and invite the sharing of experiences and opinions. We enable an atmosphere of trust and appreciation by communicating openly and focusing on finding solutions. We value and respect one another and show empathy and understanding for others’ situations and opinions.

We develop ourselves

We aspire to grow every day by seeking opportunities to learn. Giving and receiving constructive feedback and support provides us with the chance to better ourselves and to advance on our career path. We do not judge but treat mistakes or setbacks as a possibility to reflect on ourselves and to improve our skills.

We celebrate successes

We take the time to appreciate what we have achieved. We are proud of what we do, celebrate a job well done, and share our learnings with others, helping us grow as people, as a team, and as a company.

About dormakaba

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With over 160 years of experience in everything to do with access and security, we continue to innovate and deliver cutting-edge products, solutions and services to our customers, around the world.

Delivering comprehensive solutions & services worldwide

Our offering includes individual products, complete solutions, and range of services, all designed to help you do your job around smart and secure access.

Tailored solutions, customized to meet your needs

One global brand, one committed team and one face to our customers across the entire building lifecycle. We offer you expertise around access and security from planning to service, for a wide range of markets.

Driving a sustainable development in the industry

We are committed to shaping a more sustainable industry and future. Sustainability is embedded at the core of our strategy and vision, and is present in everything we do.

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Our purpose reflects the contribution we make to society: we are where our communities come together – from locations across town to locations across the world. At schools and universities, in stadiums, airports, hospitals and workplaces. We provide safety, security and sustainability, allowing people to move seamlessly and shape their lives the way they want.

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