Corporate Governance

Our principles and rules regarding corporate governance are set out in our Articles of Incorporation, our Organizational Regulations and in the regulations of our Board committees.

Corporate Governance & Compensation Reports

Corporate governance at the dormakaba Group complies largely with the principles and recommendations of the Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate Governance dated 25 March 2002 and 6 September 2007. However, because of its shareholder structure and size, the dormakaba Group has adopted changes and simplifications to the Code. The principles and rules on corporate governance at the dormakaba Group are laid down in the Articles of Incorporation, the Organizational Regulations and the regulations of the Board of Directors’ committees. The Corporate Governance Report is compiled and published once a year as part of the Annual Report. Information on remuneration is compiled in a separate Compensation Report as from 2013. Both are available for download.

Corporate Governance Roadshow AGM 2023

Board of Directors

dormakaba's Board of Directors consists of nine experienced business personalities, bringing a broad spectrum of knowledge, professional experience from different industries, and educational backgrounds.

Executive Committee

Our senior executives bring a large experience and expertise. What they all have in common is their commitment to day-to-day operations for the sustainable development of the company.

Our principle & our reporting channels

Our whistleblowing system

In order to preserve the integrity of dormakaba and to avert possible damages, it is important that potential compliance violations are reported.