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dormakaba launches Sustainability Report 2021/22

Thursday, 1 September 2022

dormakaba launches Sustainability Report 2021/22
Rümlang, 31 August 2022 – During FY 2021/22, dormakaba took important steps towards its commitment on sustainable development, by embedding sustainability into the Shape4Growth strategy and launching a new sustainability framework with ambitious ESG targets. The company started the development of more than 200 initiatives to reach these goals and made good progress on several of them.

dormakaba launched its growth strategy, Shape4Growth, in November 2021, and put sustainability at its core. It is an important element of the strategy’s customer centricity pillar, in recognition of the increasing demand for environmentally friendly and ethically manufactured products in the green building industry. Furthermore, sustainability is essential within the company’s operations and processes.

In parallel to the Shape4Growth strategy, the company also launched an industry-leading sustainability framework with ambitious ESG targets. The framework and targets determine key sustainability efforts for the current strategic period of 2021-2027, along three pillars: People, Planet, and Partnerships. Each sustainability target is allocated to a particular Expert Group with the most relevant job functions and business know-how. Their contribution is key to ensure the successful implementation and development of the more than 200 strategic initiatives to achieve these sustainability goals.

Below are the key results from FY 2021/22:

People - We empower our people so that they can unlock their full potential

dormakaba strives to create a safe, fair, and engaging working environment for its more than 15,000 employees worldwide. In this regard, the company increased the ratio of employees covered by a health and safety management system to 87% (previous FY: 85%) and of female managers to 20% (previous FY: 19%). The quality of the company’s offering is dependent on the skills of its employees. Investments in learning and upskilling are key. Therefore, it is a good indicator that 12,429 employees completed at least one eLearning module (previous FY: 10,183 employees).

Planet - We open the doors wide to a low carbon and circular economy

dormakaba is on track with its science-based operational (Scope 1+2) carbon emissions target, as it has been reduced by 8.2% (baseline FY 2019/20, 74,770 tCO2e). Moreover, through energy efficiency projects and green electricity purchases the company avoided 17,400 tCO2e (previous FY: 15,500 tCO2e). Another important milestone towards meeting the company’s climate targets, is the increasing ratio (67%) of sites that have an energy management system in place (previous FY: 21%). Furthermore, the company increased the number of sustainability-related product declarations and certifications to 200 (previous FY: 170) to answer the growing customer demand.

The focused work in the area of sustainability has been recognized externally. dormakaba was named as one of the most climate-conscious companies in Switzerland in a recent ranking by leading Swiss economic journals. The ranking acknowledges the company’s efforts on emissions reduction and with it, its contribution to a low-carbon economy. 

Partnerships - We collaborate to promote sustainable development beyond our own doors

With 18.7% high-risk suppliers assessed by a third party for their sustainability management, dormakaba is getting closer to achieve its target to assess all suppliers in this group by 2027 (previous FY: 10%). As a result of these assessments, improvement plans had been requested for 234 suppliers and 52% high-priority corrective actions were closed in the reporting year.

These are only a few examples where dormakaba is pushing sustainability-related actions forward. Keeping to its commitments, the company will continue in this direction with a clear focus, setting higher sustainability standards within its industry for every place that matters.

For more information visit the online dormakaba Sustainability Report 2021/22.