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dormakaba presents door automation with integrated fire-tested battery backup

Thursday, 18 April 2024

dormakaba presents door automation with integrated fire-tested battery backup

dormakaba announces a groundbreaking innovation in sustainable property management: a new fire-tested battery backup for uninterrupted power supply (ED UPS) to the door automation (ED 100/250). This innovation marks a significant step for the Scandinavian markets Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden which are the first countries to start with the launch in April and May 2024.

The outstanding innovation is the integrated battery backup for a continuous power supply in the event of a power failure. The installation kit for the rechargeable lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFEPO4) has been specially developed for dormakaba's pioneering ED 100/250 automatic swing door system. Furthermore, it reduces installation costs and minimizes the need for expensive cable runs to external units.

To address potential safety concerns, dormakaba has conducted extensive scientific testing to showcase that the battery does not contribute to spreading fire. Under very demanding test conditions, the battery was integrated into an automatic door system on a fully equipped fire door and subjected to a worst-case scenario. The tests, carried out by the Swedish state research institute RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), confirmed the safety and reliability of the solution.

"With the launch of the fire-tested battery backup, we have developed a competitive product that offers customers significant added value in terms of security and sustainability," says Magin Guardiola, Chief Innovation Officer of dormakaba. "We are proud to offer this innovative solution and look forward to its positive reception in the global property management market."

Patrick Lehn
Senior Manager Group External Communications / Press Officer
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