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Dorma Hüppe again FSC®-certified

Friday, 30 July 2021

Dorma Hüppe again FSC®-certified

The global provider of high-quality operable and flexible partition systems Dorma Hüppe has its materials and supply chains inspected by the FSC® in regular intervals. So did the company this year and with success. Dorma Hüppe again counts among the FSC® C135470 certified companies.

The aim of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), an international non-profit organisation, is to support and promote environmentally friendly, socially responsible, economic, and thus holistically sustainable forest management. FSC® certification is based on uniform and transparent standards.

Transparently traceable from the forest to the end product

In order to ensure that products with the FSC® label have actually been produced from the corresponding raw materials, the FSC® uses the Chain of Custody® (COC®) certification: Materials must be traceable in all production and trade processes – from the forest manager to the end product manufacturer. In the case of Dorma Hüppe, this applies to all movable wall components that contain wood, such as the cover panels, surface finishes, kraft paper and any other components that are wholly or partly made from wood.

The FSC® label allows Dorma Hüppe to document its responsibility for sustainable forest management and to support the protection of our environment for future generations.