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Purchasing at dormakaba means digitalizing and integrating our supply chain from end-to-end to become a data driven, automated and focused value driver together with partners and stakeholders.

All procurement business transactions with suppliers will be handled through the SAP Ariba Network. Our vision is to transact all documents from end-to-end via the Ariba platform to be efficient, growth-oriented, and sustainable. 

We rely and focus on strong partners who share our values, vision, and effort for sustainability. We invite every individual to join our journey and will support you with experts on your way into the supplier network of dormakaba.

"Together we will work more efficiently and effectively on all shared aspects of business commerce: proposals, contracts, orders, invoices, and payments."

Bjoern Frese
Procurement Excellence Leader, dormakaba Group


What is the SAP Ariba Network?

SAP Ariba is a cloud-based eProcurement solution used for Sourcing and Procuring purposes. Digital technologies increases spend visibility by integrating all relevant Source-to-Order processes. It offers features such as eTendering, Contract Management, Supplier Management, Guided Buying for indirect material, Procure-2-Order and Supply Chain collaboration.

How does SAP Ariba benefit me as a supplier?

Together we will work more efficiently and effectively on all shared aspects of business commerce: proposals, contracts, orders, invoices, and payments.

Access to the biggest business commerce network worldwide

  • Millions of buyers and suppliers connecting with each other in more than 190 countries

Increased efficiency & transparency

  • Have the visibility into when you’ll get paid and what for

  • 62% decrease in late payments

Higher customer satisfaction

  • 15% increase in customer retention

  • Become a preferred supplier and simplify the communication process with your buyer

Time saving & cost reduction

  • 64% less manual intervention and 50% reduction in operating costs

  • Reduced paper and postage costs; no more need to send invoices per email or post

Less process- & administration costs

  • Handle multiple customer relationships under one account

  • Enjoy a simple way to store POs and invoices

Company presentation & revenue increase

  • 35% growth in new business

  • Publish your Catalogs in front of thousand of potential buyers on your Ariba Network Account

dormakaba would like to connect with you

I received a Trading relationship request (TRR) from dormakaba

A trading relationship invitation begins with an email sent by dormakaba. The trading relationship is the link between your supplier account and dormakaba on the SAP Ariba Network. It allows for the transfer of documents such as purchase orders and invoices between you and dormakaba.

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