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dormakaba launches industry-leading sustainability framework

Thursday, 25 November 2021

dormakaba launches industry-leading sustainability framework

Rümlang, 25 November 2021 – dormakaba places sustainability at the core of its vision and strategy. The company strengthens its commitment to sustainable development along its entire value chain with an industry-leading framework and ambitious targets: by 2030 carbon neutrality shall be achieved, while reducing 42% of own carbon emissions and 25% of carbonemissions from purchased goods and services, as well as from the use of sold products.

In the past five years, dormakaba has built a strong foundation in line with societal expectations to become a sustainability pioneer in several areas within the access solutions industry. During the past sustainability cycle, dormakaba reduced its CO2 emissions by 20% versus the baseline from financial year 2017/18. More than 45% of the company`s manufacturing sites are now ISO 14001 certified while 85% of its employees are covered by a health & safety management system. Furthermore, dormakaba is one of the first companies in the construction industry to engage with suppliers to assess their social and environmental performance.

New sustainability framework

Today, the company announces its new sustainability framework for the coming five years, along the pillar People, Planet and Partnerships. Further integrating sustainability into its solutions, operations and processes will enable dormakaba to better answer the demand and expectations of its customers.

“Sustainability is core to our purpose and business model. We commit to be socially conscious. And a strong performance in this field is a key differentiator in the market and a driver for growth. With our new framework substantiated by ambitious targets, we will meet the expectations of all stakeholders and sustainably create value over the lifecycle of our customers’ buildings” - says Sabrina Soussan, CEO of dormakaba.

Empowering people and fostering diversity

dormakaba will nurture a fair, inclusive and safe culture, which enables its employees to thrive. Diverse thought and opinion leads to better decision making and better innovation. Therefore, dormakaba will bring many varied voices to the table and increase gender diversity across its managerial positions and leadership pipeline. By 2027 one in three managers will be female.

Opening the door wide to a low carbon and circular economy

dormakaba will develop innovative and resource efficient solutions for the circular economy and does its part to ensure a climate resilient future. The company set operational and value-chain carbon emission reduction targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.

Global partners will help to increase operational energy efficiency, increase on-site production of solar power, purchasing green energy, and electrifying the European fleet. The company will reduce value chain emissions by procuring more goods with higher recycled content and improving the energy efficiency of its products to:

  • Reduce operational emissions 42% in line with a 1.5°C future until 2030 (compared to 74,770 tCO2e in financial year 2019/20)
  • Reduce value chain emissions from purchased goods and services, and the use of sold products by 25% until 2030 (compared to 1,197,848 tCO2e in financial year 2019/20)
  • All new product developments and optimizations will be covered by a circularity approach until 2023

Partnerships for sustainable development in the value chain

dormakaba wants to lead by example and engage with its partners to drive more eco-friendly practices and support the protection of human rights. It will also increase its efforts to raise awareness on safe operating practices of its products. As a consequence, all high-risk suppliers will be assessed for their sustainability management by a third-party or will be off boarded for the lack of participation until 2027 (compared to 10% of its suppliers in the financial year 2020/21).

A full view of the framework and its targets can be found under: